30 November 2006

Operation Finish Novel

So I won NaNo, but haven't actually reached the end of the story. Which means now I have a novel to finish. Here's the plan:

1,000 words a day. Until it's done.

Which will be anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 more words, if I'm gonna be honest. Hmmmm... maybe they should call it National Novel Starting Month...

29 November 2006

New Digs

You'll notice the new layout.

Two reasons:

1) I wanted to be able to have a list of my categories ("labels" in blogger-speak) and going to blogger-beta was the only way to do it.

2) I suppose I could have chosen the old layout/template-thingy and done this. But the aging eyes just couldn't take the light-on-dark text anymore.

*sighs* Sucks getting old.

28 November 2006

'Nother Novel

I did it! I made it to 50K!! Woot!

The story's not done. More to write. Much more. Un-Woot.

Oh, puh-LEEEEZ

Normally, I leave political rants to my betters (please see dirt city paranoia), but this has me grinding my teeth and it ain't even 8AM yet:

I mean, COME ON. How fucking stoopid do they think we are?? Do they really think anybody is going to believe them? Did the results of the last election tell them nothing?

This new line of utter bullshit is clearly the work of the Iraq "Study" Group, the latest attempt by King George and his Evil Henchmen to make it look like they give a shit about the clusterfucked quagmire they've created in the Middle East. "Study", my ass. They should just be honest for once and call themselves His Majesty's Spin Doctors and be fucking done with it.

Graah! They make me SICK.

25 November 2006

I'm Hopeless

It isn't fair. And it shouldn't be this fucking hard.

I'm a girl, after all. So you would think that writing girl characters would be easy. Well, easier than writing boys. You would think writing girls would come naturally. You would think trying to imagine life from the inside of a boy brain would be a truly astonishing feat for me, a girl.

You would think. And you would, apparently, be wrong.

I blame being eight years old, because that's when it started, I think: my first taste of boy envy. See, eight years old is when I discovered that boys can pee standing up. Laugh all you like, but I was insanely jealous.

I mean, c'mon, let's face it -- unzipping your fly and whipping out your weiner is a whole lot more a) convenient, b) quicker and c) sanitary than pulling down your drawers, exposing your buns and 'drip-drying'.

Anyways, that's where it started. Ever since then, despite a Barbie doll phase and the occasional long-fingernail phase, I'd much rather tag after boys and do what they're doing than go shopping or do my hair.

Which leaves me BORED TO DEATH with all my female characters, while my subconscious surreptitiously starts chapters from the point of view of male characters who aren't supposed to have POV chapters all to themselves. Arrrgh!

I will learn to do it. I will. It's just going to be a really fucking difficult uphill battle. Joy.

24 November 2006

Widget Thingys

OK, I'm liking the NaNo widget thingy:

I didn't get it at first (I'm slow, what can I say), but I'm finding that getting rid of the red is very motivational. Makes me hit quota since I started using it (note lack of red after a certain point) and thus forces the story forward (whether it feels like cooperating that day or not).

Wonder if I could get one for off-season (non-NaNo) use?

22 November 2006


Miss Snark posted a joke on her very snarky blog the other day. I've heard it before once upon a time, and as an almost-Unitarian, I felt I had to share:

You know why Unitarians are such poor hymn singers?

Cause they are always reading ahead to see if they agree with the text.


19 November 2006

NaNo Excerpt is Up!

Check it out!

Do keep in mind that it's still very much a draft... so, yeah, the guys in kilts pretty much show up out of nowhere...

18 November 2006

Latin Lessons: Octo-pus

So the other night we're riding in the car. Ms. Baby - for once - is not screaming bloody murder (although I am sitting in the backseat to provide assistance, just in case).

Since it is unusually quiet due to the lack of screaming, Ms. Four and I are having A Conversation.

"A hexagon," she says matter-of-factly, "has six sides."

"That's right," I chime in, ever ready with the reinforcement.

"And an octagon has... how many sides?" she asks. I know she knows the answer, but she doesn't like to guess wrong.

"Eight!" I say.

"Just like an octopus has eight legs," The Husband adds from the front of the car (where he gets to sit because he's driving).

"See 'oct' means 'eight'," I say, resisting the very strong urge to tell her it's Latin.

There's a thoughtful pause.

"So what does 'puss' mean?" askes Ms. Four.

"Well, 'puss' is another word for 'cat'" I explain, wondering at the sudden switch of subject. But, I figure, she's four and launch into a discussion of how we sometimes call our cats 'puss'.

She looks more and more mystified the longer I go on.

"No," she says slowly. "I mean the 'pus' in 'octopus'."

"Oh!" I laugh at what now seems obvious. "Well, I don't know."

I never actually took Latin, see. (What? It's dead! No one speaks it! I took French, instead... which is close enough, anyway.)

So. Any help out there? What's the '-pus' in 'octopus' mean??

16 November 2006

You know you have a colicky baby when…

…you can eat a steak dinner with one hand while standing up, singing lullabies and swaying back and forth.

… the sound of a howling infant doesn’t even make you flinch. In fact, you don’t even notice it until somebody else points it out.

… the definition of colic, “unexplained crying for three hours a day, three or more days a week”, actually sounds like a vast improvement.

… you have never, EVER sat down with your baby awake.

… you don’t believe people who say they have.

… you have trouble dressing your baby because she/he won’t bend.

… you can balance your baby on one hand when it is angry. Kind of like a board.

… your baby is sitting and quietly staring into space and you call the pediatrician in a panic thinking something is terribly wrong.

15 November 2006


Well, I did it. Despite grant deadlines that took up most of my damn weekend and babies that won't sleep and a house that insists I clean it and a family that insists I feed it and friends that insist on visiting, I passed 25K today.

That means that I am technically still on schedule to complete NaNo on the 30th.


'Course me being me, I am so used to being ahead of schedule and finishing early that I feel like I'm behind. (What can I say? I'm a freak.)

I also have this unshakable feeling that I'm actually a day behind and don't know it... but that's probably just the chronic lack of sleep talking. Hard to say.


As usual, I'm halfway to 50K and only about 1/3 the way through the actual story. If that. At least, I'm doing better at keeping my characters under control and not letting them run off with the plot quite so blatantly as they did last year. (Damn vampires. See if I ever write another vamp novel again, you ungrateful bastards.)

Yep. This year I'm the Bitch with the Whip and my characters are my fearful crew of galley slaves.

Best start rowin', y'all.

08 November 2006


1) NaNo, NaNo, on the wall...
Right, um, I've kept up with the Word Count Gypsy until today. Haven't made quota today. Yet. Long way to go, too, but I'll get there. Hopefully.

2) Ms. Baby's Head
Saw the doc this morning and the verdict is: NO SURGERY!! Boo-yah!!! Mama is a happy camper! Mama also has No Excuse for not carrying on with NaNo...

Here are some nifty shots of Ms. Baby's funny head -- from the inside! If you know what you're looking for (which I mostly don't), you can sorta tell that none of the sutures are actually fused (they shouldn't be), which is why she gets to wear a handy-dandy helmet instead of having bits of her skull removed so there's room for her brain. It's a happy day...

06 November 2006

NaNo Mantras.

In order of use.

1) It's an outline. A very elaborate outline.

2) I'll fix it later. I'll fix it later. I'll fix it later.

3) Just let it suck. Just let it suck. Just let it suck.

01 November 2006

Another Random Thought

This has nothing whatsoever to do with anything. But my brain is now in NaNo mode and won't shut up or shut off --- SO:

The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's great - funny, adventurous, great characters. One of my favorite parts is when they're on the cruise ship and Bruce Willis' character is in some stand-off with the bad-guy aliens and offers to 'negotiate'.

He steps out from behind a wall or something, shoots the bad guy dead and says, "Anybody else want to negotiate?"

Nobody does.

Ba-hah! Kills me. Every time.

NaNo Day 1

Today's Mantra: Let it Suck. C'mon, say it with me now, letitsuckletitsuckletitsuck... Yeah, I feel better now. But it's damn hard to get used to again.

Today's Tune(s): Lithium, by Evanescence (something like that. I have no idea who they are, but Napster had an album available to download, so I did.)

Other Comments: Scene 1 is almost done. It's sort of having trouble ending. Story of my (writing) life. I had it all planned out and BAM! an extra character shows up and starts commandeering things. This guy is important, but only because he gets executed. Off camera. Well, he was supposed to be ALL off camera. I refuse to name him. But I'll bet whatever his name is, it begins with "L".