28 April 2007

Recently Overheard

In my backyard,
Ms. Four, standing on the top of her slide and singing at the top of her voice:

It's a grand old flag,
It's a high-five-ing flag....

In my head,
the title of my next NaNo:

The Adventures of SUPER-boob and her ever-present sidekick, Lop-side

(what? it was 4AM, i'd been up for 2 or 3 hours with Ms. Baby and her approaching teeth...)

06 April 2007

I Am Old

So. Had a bit of a shock the other day when Ms. Four drew a picture on her Magna-Doodle (see below).

Totally without thinking, I said, "Oh! Neat phones!"

I got A Look, the disparaging sort of Look only a four-going-on-fourteen-year-old can administer.

"They're not phones," she said, disgusted. "They're people in houses."

Upon closer inspection, I realized that, indeed, the "phones" had arms, legs and eyes.

"Well, yes, of course!" I said, trying to save my dignity. "I see! People in houses! Of course! How could I have missed it."

More Look.

It was clear Ms. Four was NOT seeing how I made this bizarre mental leap. I decided an explanation was in order. "It's just that from over there," I said gesturing vaguely towards the other end of the room, "they looked like phones."

Yanno, like this:

Ms. Four glanced at the cordless, push-button phone standing upright in its charger. More Look.

"Old-fashioned phones," I added hastily. "You know, the kind they had way back when..."

At this point The Look became positively withering, which didn't matter a bit because what I had just said was now sinknig in to the poor, beleagured brain.

Old-fashioned. Old. Fashioned. Yeah. The "phones" aren't so much "old-fashioned" as they are what they had when I was a kid.

To make matters worse, they now sell these things as "antiques" on eBay. Sheesh. I'm ancient.