28 April 2008

Seven Outrageous Things About Lars

OK, so Susan at West of Mars started this meme-thingy. Well, sort of. I guess somebody else started it, but I read about it on West of Mars, so that's what counts for me. :)


It sounded fun, and I'm always up for poking Lars with sticks (he deserves it, believe me).

Some background: Lars is one of the original characters from Novel #1, which is a quivering mass of plot spaghetti, which is mostly Lars' fault. Lars is basically a sidekick to one of the main characters. Well, he was supposed to be...


1. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but Lars is seven and a half feet tall, which is outrageously tall for his world.

2. Lars has outrageously unruly and very long, very red hair.

3. Lars has four outrageously strong-willed older sisters. They made damn sure he knew his place in the world (well below them), no matter how big he got.

4. Lars is outrageously loyal to Fenn, even when Fenn doesn't deserve it (which is most of the time).

5. Lars smiles. All the time. Even - and perhaps most especially - when he's outrageously pissed off.

6. Lars is outrageously disrespectful of my outlines. He routinely ignores them and thinks nothing of hauling my plots off to the most harrowing of situations. Where he promptly shuts up and starts smiling. It's like he's saying, "Have fun getting me out of that one, Writer Lady! Oh - and you're welcome."

7. Lars is outrageously loud, even when Fenn has a hangover. OK, especially when Fenn has a hangover.




Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sounds like Lars needs to be the star. That's how Trevor was; hell, he started off as a memory and then ... well. Look at the boy now. Trying to finagle his very own book deal.

I linked to this post, making good on my promise!

Ann said...

Cool meme. I would have to agree with Susan, if Lars is making that much noise, make him the star. Good luck with the plot spaghetti. :)

Bethanie said...

Hah! You are both probably right and Lars should be shoved into the spotlight and made to dance, dangit!

'Course then he'd probably get all quiet and shy, just to be a pain in the ass... but it would serve him right! :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Go for it! What have you got to lose by trying?

I really popped over here to say that I LOVE it when people comment on my old posts. It shows they're not forgotten. And why else would I link to the older stuff, comment whore that I am? *grin*

Bethanie said...

Well, cool, then! I won't feel like a geek when I do. :)

When ARE they going to publish you?!??