17 July 2008

It's All About Timing

Poor Ms. Six is still sick, still puking, and still hasn't eaten anything since Tuesday.

Ms. Baby, not surprising given her general take on life, has picked TODAY to rekindle her interest in potty training.

So my morning has gone something like this:

"Mama?!" calls a querelous voice from the couch. "My tummy doesn't feel good."

This is the signal. I abandon the work-work I'm trying to do and dash over, grab the bowl and assume the position (holding the bowl before a crouching Ms. Six whilst attempting to keep her hair out if it).

Ms. Six starts dry heaving (nothing in there to come up really).

Ms. Baby, who in the meantime has hauled her potty out into the living room, decides this would be the perfect time to come show everybody that she has managed to remove her shorts and diaper all by herself so she can practice potty-sitting. As a bonus, she pulls up her shirt to show off her belly button.

So there I am, torn - do I congratulate and encourage the budding potty-user or do I soothe and reassure the poor, puking Ms. Six.

Tough decision. I went with a cursory 'that's very nice' to Ms. Baby's belly button and then turned back to Ms. Six, since it was hard to make myself heard over the heaving anyway.

I know. You didn't really wanna know that.

Neither did I, actually.


16 July 2008

So.... This is Crazy-ville...

Last Saturday, according to my receipt, I purchased a book of 'Forever' stamps at my local post office. I mailed two things that had been sitting around waiting for me to find the time to get to the post office and buy some stamps.

Then I put the stamps in 'a safe place'.

And now I can't find them.

Which is driving me mad, because I have something else I need to mail.

...waaaaait a second...

Yep. Just found 'em. Right where I had looked at least SIX TIMES.

Frickin' stamp fairies. I tell ya...


15 July 2008

Attempting to Catch My Coincidences

Well, it's about time for a post, non?

OK, it's past time - kids are sick, work is nutso, etc.

And coincidences are coming out of the woodwork.

Event 1: Best college girl friend sent me a birthday card last week and we started emailing (after an embarassingly long hiatus). Turns out she's ended up doing much the same thing as I am -- editing for non-native English speakers (although she's in economics whoo-haa, rather than biomedical whoo-haa).

Event 2: Not so much an event as the general atmosphere of disorganized bureaucratic clutter at FPU lately has been approaching the itchy side of intolerable. I'm getting fairly burnt out on it.

Event 3: One task set out for the Impending Vacation is to write up the content for my freelance website. I did some of that today, since I was stuck at home mopping up vomit (again) and therefore found it difficult to concentrate on actual work stuff and decided: what the hell, I'll just take an effing sick day.

Event 4: Into my email inbox drops a reminder that if I want to attend the local chapter meeting of the medical writer/editor professional association I belong to, the deadline is Friday. One of the workshops they're offering is 'Business Aspects of a Freelance Career'.


I get the feeling the universe is trying to tell me something. :D


08 July 2008

Vacation Blues

So we - well, I - don't get to escape The South this year. Again.

The Husband has no appreciation for what I will suffer for this. At all. Never having been made to live someplace he despises, he can't seem to get his mind around it. Plus, he grew up here, so he can't see that the place has any faults.

I, naturally, can see pretty much only the faults.

Which sounds like I'm being overly negative, I suppose, but other than my job at FPU and the fact that I can justify a swimming pool, there just isn't much to recommend the place in my book.

And I don't even want to think about all the things I'll have to wait another year before I can see/taste/feel again.

*wails, dies*


03 July 2008

Check-In: Big, Fun, Scary Adventure Challenge

So, it's July, which means we're 6 months into this year's Big, Fun, Scary Adventure Challenge.

It's time to check in and see how Bethanie is progressing. Or isn't progressing. As the case may be.

Here's the list. And how I'm doing with it.

  1. Complete and submit one short story. This was on the list? Er... really? Heh-heh... Well, I do have a couple stories in the works. One I actually looked at last week. But it's not finished. And the other one is finished, but doesn't resemble a short story so much as it does a sumo wrestler in a string bikini... *sigh* I have such trouble writing short... So yeah, bit of work yet to do on this front.

  2. Learn to speak rudimentary but passable Chinese (Mandarin, I guess, even though everyone I work with is from Shanghai). Here I have actual progress to report! I've got a couple of co-workers teaching me words here and there, and Chik-fil-A was handing out language CDs a couple months ago. We (OK, Ms. Six) got the Chinese one and I've been listening to it on the way to work. I could probably say a couple of things, if pressed. Or bribed with enough coffee or chocolate.

  3. Learn to read/write/vaguely recognize 50 Chinese characters, plus the numbers 1-100. Fifty!?! Did I say 'fifty'? Crikey. I thought I said 20... well, I have learned a FEW... maybe 10 or so, several of which I use regularly because they're people's names. Hmmm... more work to do, I think...

  4. Complete a first revision of either NaNo 2005 (the vampire thing) or NaNo 2006 (the fantasy thing). Ha-ha-hahahhahaha! Well, naturally, I'm in the thick of Revision Hell, but not on either of these... But I figure the experience of completing a revision is the important thing, and at least, I've started on that.

  5. Teach myself some basic biostatistics (since I can't afford to take a class). At least complete one read-through of the $60 biostats book I bought myself for Christmas (I did mention being dorky, didn't I?). Well, if you didn't think I was nerdy before... yes, making progress here. Frighteningly enough, this project is turning out to be easier than expected. I guess, I've learned more than I thought possible in the last 5 years, so the biostats book is more enlightening than daunting. It's like a fill-in-the-blank test, where I already know what all the blanks are, and have to fill in the surrounding text. If that makes any sense...

  6. Teach myself some basics about protein structure (since I can't afford to take a class) by reading online molecular biology textbooks available through PubMed (since I can't afford to buy the $120 book I want). Well... I did get a hold of a book through interlibrary loan and copied some sections. Haven't actually had the time to read them, though.

  7. Complete 20 more plates in my Anatomy Coloring Book (this may sound lame, but you have no idea how hard it is to do this stuff with a husband, 2 kids, a full time job, and a house to look after). Alas! Haven't time for coloring either.

Well, I'm doing better than I thought! That's something! Guess I'll be taking the Anatomy Coloring book on vacation. It should certainly help kill a few of those long hours in the car, if nothing else...