31 October 2008

Waiting Impatiently

NaNo starts in 28 minutes. I am trying to be patient about it. I am not very good at patient.

So I'm trying to distract myself and happened to notice Google's word of the day today is 'gloaming', one of my all-time favorite words ever.

In part, I really like it because it's one of those words with really, really deep English/Germanic roots. No, no Latin-ness here, thank you very much, this one goes straight back to Old English and the time of Beowulf.

I also like it because of the images in evokes in the old brain - low clouds mob a purple streak of twilight on the horizon, something in an alley waits, full dark is coming soon.... sort of the same feel as the first scene of this year's NaNo!

Oh, great... here we are again... waiting...



Happy New Year

As long time readers will know, I have no religion.

I have never met one that could hold me. The Christians, the Buddhists, the pagans - in one way or another, they all espouse the One True Way, a concept that provokes my brain into instant and utter rebellion. (I will NOT be told what to think. I will NOT be told how to see the world. I will NOT be made to believe without question. And this thing you call 'faith' that you want me to drown myself in? You can shove it.)

And yet I cannot call myself an atheist either.

It's not that I'm waffling or hedging my bets or reserving my right to say 'oh, well, maybe...' at the last minute. I simply don't think you can know one way or the other (which is why, technically, I'm an agnostic, but whatever).

All the same, I have these moments - like when I stumbled across this: Dreaming the Dead. It's a post on Holly Lisle's blog about a dream she had in which someone who died appeared in her dream with a gift. I had goosebumps the whole time I was reading it. It's that cool - go read it yourself. Seriously.

You're back? OK, good.

It's situations like that, when the universe appears to be hopping up and down and waving its arms in your face to get your attention, when it's difficult for me to maintain a totally atheistic world view. Shit like that doesn't happen for no reason. It just doesn't.

What's really giving me goosebumps, however, is the odd parallel going on in my own life at the moment. Nothing popped into (or out of) a dream for me, but unfortunately, there are some very scary rumors running amock right here in Real Life that may have an effect on my job. A really large effect on my job.

So large that, in fact, that I finally got around to shelling out a bunch of money to have my freelance editing business website domain-named, designed and hosted. The very idea of venturing out on my own into the wide, wild world scares the freakin' crap out of me. But it must be done, and it must be done now. My universe, you see, is either rehearsing for a Broadway musical or knocking itself out to get my attention....

Which, believe it or not, brings us back to the title of this post: Happy New Year.

In the comments to the Holly Lisle post, several people commented on the fact that this dream happened quite close to Halloween, and Halloween - if I'm remembering right - is the pagan/Wiccan/whatever New Year. New Year, yanno, out with the old, in with the new? Yeah, that New Year. And this whole situation I've found myself in has that feel -- new beginnings, new adventures, bid the past adieu -- all that .

So in the spirit of moving on with the beginnings and letting go of the endings: Happy New Year!


23 October 2008

Wine Bottle. No Corkscrew.

I've been meaning to get another Swiss Army knife, one with a corkscrew, because when I got my first one I thought, "Oh, I'll get the one with the screwdriver - I'd probably never use a corkscrew." Since that time I have, naturally, had many an occasion to regret that decision and this evening was no exception.

After the day's workshops and keynote addresses, etc, I ventured out from my hotel to wander the very interesting streets of Louisville and, among other items, found a bottle of my favorite wine. Woo-hoo! I thought and headed back to the hotel, thoroughly pleased with myself.

Until I discovered I had no corkscrew. Duh.

That should have occurred to me when I bought the wine, but yanno - a day spent contemplating coronary heart disease in women and how to report correlation and regression analyses can fry the thinker somewhat.

So I googled "no corkscrew", which turned up this: How To Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew, which suggested banging the bottom of the bottle against a tree. Alas, no tree in the hotel room.

So I went down to one of the expensive little boutique-y shops off the hotel lobby to see if I could buy one. And I could have! But they were all out.

I decided to give up. The Husband - from 150 miles away - came to the rescue and proved, once again, how resourceful and handy he is.

"Call room service," he said. "They'll bring you one."

"Oh. Right. OK," I said, baffled at the very idea of putting someone to the trouble of bringing something so inconsequential all the way up to the 10th floor.

The room service people were only too happy to do it, though, so now I am sipping my wine, feet up, laptop in place. Yahoo!


22 October 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For...

So. Boss Lady offered (once again) to pay for me to attend the Great and Wonderful Annual Medical Writers/Editors Conference this year (have I mentioned yet today how much I adore Boss Lady?). Of course, I went, but unlike previous years, this year I went by myself. As in, I left Ms. Six and Ms. Baby and The Husband at home.

And so here I am in my hotel room and .... I'm ALONE. There are NO childen climbing on me. I have TWO beds AND a whole bathroom that I don't have to share with ANYONE.

I have NO IDEA what to do with myself.

OK, I'm exagerating - I have plenty of ideas, believe me. :D But this is the first time since Ms. Six was born that I have left my babies and gone away overnight by myself, and frankly, it's a little eerie. Not that I'm not enjoying myself, mind. But it's mighty odd after six and a half years of somebody demanding something from me every second of every day to revert back to being responsible for ONLY ME.

It's a little bit like being in college. Except with money and a really nice car. :-D


18 October 2008

Finger on the Button

The plotting of NaNo 2008 has been plodding at a snail's pace this week due to some sort of creeping crud that has been working its way through the family -- so I'm not nearly as far along as I think I should be.

However, everyone finally has a name (Thank You, Viking Answer Lady!) - Mystery Girl very nearly got axed for not ante-ing up (and she's still waffling about the spelling, but whatever). And everyone finally started piping up about what the hell happens in The Middle Of The Story after I threatened to axe everybody and use the outline from 2005, which was completed but never got used because the vampires showed up at the last minute.

Interestingly enough, most of the Middle-Of-The-Story progress was made in a frantic, long-hand, 20 minute period sitting backwards in the driver's seat of my car -- NO, not while I was driving, while I was waiting to pick up Ms. Six after school yesterday. I told Bran and Mystery Girl (she doesn't get to use her name until she tells me how to spell it) they had until the bus arrived back from the field trip to tell me what happens or else.

Lemmetellya, there is nothing like a deadline to make characters start squawking. It's like poising your finger over the button that will deliver an electric shock. Or - more appropriate for my fantasy world - holding their feet over a bed of red hot coals ... or threating to pull out their fingernails ... or ...

Poor Bran... no wonder he didn't want to tell me what happens...


04 October 2008

Best Forum Thread. Ever.

This is why I love NaNo and will probably always find an excuse to do it:

For real. Go check it out. It's so hysterically off the wall it makes me want to cheer.

I don't know why shit like this gives me hope, but it does. I so totally identify with people who look at the crazy, horrible, ridiculous world we live in and say, 'oh, yeah? well, i'll raise you a velociraptor! how do ya like them apples?!'