14 March 2009

The Grindstone

So a few weeks back a Big Editing Company notified me that they wanted to hire me as a freelance editor, but didn't want me to edit in the field where I actually have editing experience -- they wanted me to edit in the field I have a degree in, even though I haven't done THING ONE in that field for 14 years. I didn't know what to tell them because I was so irritated with their lack of respect for the actual work that I DO and their apparent faith in a piece of paper given to me by my undergraduate university so long ago that it is now lost in the mists of time.

So I did what came natually: I ignored them.

Yesterday they emailed me back, ever so politely requesting that I send them the other stuff they need for me to start editing for them and again suggesting that I edit in that other field.

Perhaps they're hard up for editors in that particular field. I don't know, I don't really care, and my inclination is to ignore them again. However.

Drollerie Press had this great celebration of ebook week and were giving away two free ebooks a day. It was awesome and exciting and now I have a bunch of great ebooks I can't wait to read. But I also missed a bunch, because I wasn't fast enough on the clicker, and so I decided to just outright buy some of those plus few others I've been meaning to pick up, and now.... well, now I have a habit to support.

And the extra income from the freelance work would certainly help support the habit, so.... I'm still annoyed with the Big Editing Company, but now I'm also reconsidering their offer.

In other words, I'm gonna whore myself for books.

I guess there are worse things in life, right?

(Oh, and if the folks at Drollerie Press were hoping that pushing ebooks by giving away free samples would help boost sales, well.... it worked! At least for me and anyone else I can convince to go check them out. :D )



Anonymous said...

See this is exactly what I was talking about-Vive le dependance! *g*

I've been late every single time to snag a free download this week from Drollerie. I'm hoping today will be the day, but then again I still have The Chocolatier's Wife to read and so far it's faaaaaaaaaabulous! So I won't be terribly disappointed if today, is in fact, not the day. ;)

Bethanie said...

lol! Exactly!