28 August 2012


Well, it has been a mighty long time since I posted anything at all to this blog and I am thinking about closing it down permanently (or archiving it, at least...), since most of its content has to do with a chapter of my life that is, itself, in the process of closing down. Having survived divorce (so far), I now find myself stumbling (awkwardly, like an overgrown teenager) into the next (unexpectedly wonderful) adventure. It seems fitting, somehow, that the adventure documented through this blog should have a formal ending.

And so, I suppose, this is it: The End.

But, of course, to badly paraphrase: "the end is only the beginning", "where a door closes, a window opens", etc., etc.

As I fumble forward -- starting new things, starting over, moving on -- and the new adventure begins, a new blog to document it all seems to be in order. So -- stay tuned! I will link here to the new thing, once its plot becomes clearer and I learn how to write the new story.