13 February 2009

101 Ways to Love Your Characters: Gregar

Entry Number One in Joely's Character Clinic: Well, since I think Joely is so clever for thinking this Charcter Clinic thing up, I thought I'd start off with one of her own characters! Hah!

Gregar. Ah, Gregar... where to start? Well, I'll start with where you can find him: Gregar is a character in Joely Sue Burkhart's book The Rose of Shanhasson. (Go on! Go get it! You'll be glad you did, I promise!)

I always love a conflicted character (as you'll discover in coming posts...) and Gregar is definitely that. He is driven. He has a mission and a duty, and he is honor-bound to fulfill them. However, in his secret heart of hearts lurks an undeniable need that conflicts so deeply with all that honor, that Gregar would pretty much rather die than allow himself to have it. Excellent stuff.

And oh my, let's not forget: he's dead sexy and dark and wickedly dangerous -- in other words, three of my favorite things! :D

In all honesty, though, what really makes me a raving, rabid Gregar fan is that his conflict is one that strikes a chord with me, one I thought was deeply buried, one that drags me out of my warm, comfortable, married-with-two-kids-and-a-steady-job life right down into Joely's Well, the place where all our darkest fears and desires hide and which is terrifyingly similar to my own Well. Which perhaps is why, at a certain point in Gregar's story, I just sat there reading this one page over and over again while I cried and cried and cried.

That's why Gregar stays with me, I guess: I've been there. I've felt that. I know just what he's suffering. And that is the kernel of a great character for me: a character that reflects some bit of being human that I recognize. Maybe it makes me feel validated. I don't know - that sounds sappy as hell, but I'm a sap, so it's probably true!



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

*dies* I didn't think you'd start with one of my characters! Thank you -- and Gregar is my personal favorite too. His temptation, his sacrifice, his love--it kills me every time.

And of course, there's no arse competition he can't win.

Bethanie said...

But of course! Gregar rocks!

And that arse... oh my... you do realize I have a very vivid mental picture of it... :D

Anonymous said...

I think we all had a very vivid mental picture of that Bethanie. *ggg* Very nice first post! Can't wait to read more.

Ann said...

Gregar does rock. :)
Definitely a memorable character. Good post.