06 April 2007

I Am Old

So. Had a bit of a shock the other day when Ms. Four drew a picture on her Magna-Doodle (see below).

Totally without thinking, I said, "Oh! Neat phones!"

I got A Look, the disparaging sort of Look only a four-going-on-fourteen-year-old can administer.

"They're not phones," she said, disgusted. "They're people in houses."

Upon closer inspection, I realized that, indeed, the "phones" had arms, legs and eyes.

"Well, yes, of course!" I said, trying to save my dignity. "I see! People in houses! Of course! How could I have missed it."

More Look.

It was clear Ms. Four was NOT seeing how I made this bizarre mental leap. I decided an explanation was in order. "It's just that from over there," I said gesturing vaguely towards the other end of the room, "they looked like phones."

Yanno, like this:

Ms. Four glanced at the cordless, push-button phone standing upright in its charger. More Look.

"Old-fashioned phones," I added hastily. "You know, the kind they had way back when..."

At this point The Look became positively withering, which didn't matter a bit because what I had just said was now sinknig in to the poor, beleagured brain.

Old-fashioned. Old. Fashioned. Yeah. The "phones" aren't so much "old-fashioned" as they are what they had when I was a kid.

To make matters worse, they now sell these things as "antiques" on eBay. Sheesh. I'm ancient.


Leslie said...

Antiques?!? Yikes.
I learned long ago to always say "Wow, what a great picture. Tell me about it..." because I almost always got it wrong when I guessed (or "knew") what they were.
And I gotta tell you - nothing makes you feel old like a 5th grader who thinks he's cool and knows you're not.

Bethanie said...

Well, I think the phones actually get classified as "classic", but you know what they really mean...

And the 'tell-me-about-it' tactic is a keeper. I should have thought of it myself but it's hard to think when the 8-month-old is yanking at your nose (or whatever else she can get her hands on these days...). I will for sure remember it next time.

Queen K said...

Yep - that tactic works well, as does the 'judgement free' commenting. Example: Wow, you used a lot of blue in that picture! We were required to use that sort of commenting at the Children's Center because they believed that putting our ideas or judgements ("that's really pretty") on their art would stifle them. I have to admit it was a tough one to remember and I never felt very encouraging just commenting on the use of blue. Call me...er...old fashioned.

Queen K said...

By the way - the captcha on the commenting is driving me CRAZY!! The 'words' are seven letters long and half the time I have to do the sign-in twice!! I turned it off on my blog and haven't had any issues. When you are fairly low traffic (sorry :D) you don't get a lot (or any) comment spamming. You get more comments too - I often give up on commenting when I hit a crazy captcha. Just sayin' :D

Oh - and does it help that I think of those as the standard phone shape as well? We can be old and uncool together, 'kay?

Leslie said...

I usually combine the judging and the vague - "That's cool (I have boys and pretty doesn't cut it)! I really like the way you used a lot of blue..." Same diamond, different facet.

When I think phones, I think of the Princess phone...