17 September 2007

NaNo? No, no.

I'm debating about Nano this year. It's fun and all, and having done it 3 times already, I have no doubt I can write 50,000 words in a month.

Which is pretty much the point. Or the problem. Or whatever.

I mean, do I really need another half-assed novel sitting around begging me to work on it? I don't have time to work on the others and they make me feel guilty and inadequate enough. Do I really need to add another guilt trip to my life?

No. Hell, no.

So instead, I'm thinking about "cheating".

Technically, as I understand it, it's against the rules to work on an existing project. You're supposed to create 50,000 words-o-crap on some brandy, spankin' new project.

That seems sorta silly.

So - if I do NaNo at all - it may just be random chapters that I've been meaning to write on the other three novels. Or I may work on a(nother) storyline to tack onto the already-gigantic Novel #1. ('cuz it needs more characters and plot. Really.)

Or maybe I'll just blow the whole thing off and watch from the sidelines.

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