03 October 2007

NaNo, NO! ...well, maybe...

Still debating doing NaNo.

I think doing random chapters related to other novels would be a bad idea, though. Well, not bad in and of itself, but certainly doomed to failure as a NaNo project. The key to succeeding at NaNo is momentum and casually drifting from one project to another ain't gonna cut it.

So to hell with that idea. And maybe to hell with NaNo.

Right. And this would be the '...well, maybe...' part.

See, I have this couple of characters from Novel #1. And I'd really like to know what they think they're doing there. They're interesting characters ('cuz they're women and they kick ass) - all the more so because one of them won't let me in her head, but she keeps doing these random things that I KNOW are important but I haven't had the time to figure out what her story is, what exactly she's really after or whose side she's actually on.

And isn't NaNo the perfect vehicle for finding out shit like that? Of course it is.

Of course, 'what do you think you're doing here, you mysterious character, you' is not exactly what you'd call a plot.


Leslie said...

I think "what the heck are you doing here you mysterious character" is a great place to start a plot - or at least as much plot as you need for nano. You'll kick yourself if you don't do it, so do it.
BTW, the prove you're not a computer/stalker id thingy is wtkhsjmq. Just so you know.

Bethanie said...

wtkhsjmq ??

Woah... that stands for something, I just know it.

I'm still going back and forth on NaNo. I'll probably do it anyway, just because I'll feel all left out if I don't.

That, and my recalcitrant characters are beginning to drop some very interesting hints...

Stay tuned - this might even get interesting...