08 December 2007

Shopping Cart Cupholders

New category: Things I Wish Someone Would Invent

Not me, 'cuz I haven't got time to invent, patent, etc anything, but I've created this lovely label under which I shall post my ideas for anyone who DOES have the time. Feel free to steal the idea and run with it.

Idea No. 1 - Shopping Cart Cupholders

It would be great if shopping carts just CAME with cupholders, but I'll bet that's expensive and would totally screw up how the carts nest into each other in the cart corrals. So the next best thing would be some sort of attachment that I could purchase (or rent) that would hook on to an existing shopping cart.

Why? Because I haven't got enough arms to juggle the cell phone, the baby's snacks, the baby's drink, my coffee, my purse, the baby's toys, and/or Ms. Five's various items all at the same time without losing my mind and my patience - not to mention somehow getting fruit roll-ups, lunchables and string cheese into the damn cart before everybody has a meltdown.

I'm thinking you could buy them singly - just one for your Starbucks (should you be lucky enough to leave the kids at home). Or in pairs - maybe even some kind of saddle bag arrangement - one for your kid's sippy cup and one for your Starbucks

Maybe they would be available for purchase. Or maybe you could rent them for a quarter when you grab your cart. I don't know. But I want one. Or several!

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