02 January 2008

The Big, Fun, Scary Adventure Challenge

Because of NaNo I can't have a regular, ol', run-of-the-mill list of New Year's Resolutions. No, no, I have to have a totally dorky list of Big, Fun, Scary, Adventure-y things I'm going to accomplish this year.

Whatever. I don't recall ever claiming that I'm not dorky, so what the hell. Let's have at it!

  1. Complete and submit one short story.
  2. Learn to speak rudimentary but passable Chinese (Mandarin, I guess, even though everyone I work with is from Shanghai).
  3. Learn to read/write/vaguely recognize 50 Chinese characters, plus the numbers 1-100.
  4. Complete a first revision of either NaNo 2005 (the vampire thing) or NaNo 2006 (the fantasy thing).
  5. Teach myself some basic biostatistics (since I can't afford to take a class). At least complete one read-through of the $60 biostats book I bought myself for Christmas (I did mention being dorky, didn't I?).
  6. Teach myself some basics about protein structure (since I can't afford to take a class) by reading online molecular biology textbooks available through PubMed (since I can't afford to buy the $120 book I want).
  7. Complete 20 more plates in my Anatomy Coloring Book (this may sound lame, but you have no idea how hard it is to do this stuff with a husband, 2 kids, a full time job, and a house to look after).
Well. That's either completely insane or completely lame.

Whatever. I like it. All of the above is either Big, Fun, Scary or Adventure-y. No 'organize the living room' or 'lose 20 pounds' or 'catch up on laundry'. None of those qualify, I'm afraid (although, technically, I suppose laundry could be considered Big, Scary and, on occasion, Adventure-y, however, it is most decidedly not Fun).

Suppose I should go post this and make it official now...

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