06 May 2009

Bethanie's Fantastic Summer Reading List

Ah, yes, well part of it anyway. Do not be deceived by its present length -- I expect it to expand. (And please feel free to suggest stories, books, tales, sagas, etc. that you loved or have heard were really great.)

Anyway, The Plan - and I have to have A Plan, because if left to my own devices, I will read nothing but fantasy - is to alternate a fiction with a non-fiction. Why not just give in and stick with fantasy and nothing but fantasy? Well, I could do that. But I really want to read the non-fiction on my list and in order to do that I have to set up the fiction books as Rewards for reading the non-fiction, because otherwise all the shiny fiction will somehow find its way to the top of the pile and then it will be September and summer will be over and I'll still have a stack of non-fiction sitting there forlornly beckoning...

You think I'm kidding?

Exhibit No. 1: Let's take the Oliver Sacks book, Uncle Tungsten. I think I bought it at Christmas, which means I've had it for months. I started it. It's awesome. Oliver Sacks and his family are fascinating and he really did have an Uncle Tungsten and since tungsten happens to be my favorite metal (er, yes, actually I do have a "favorite metal"... um, doesn't everyone??), I can't wait to find out more about it.... But since Christmas I have also acquired four or five or seventeen fantasy/mystery/thriller/etc. books and, the way my brain is wired, they win the Oh-what-shall-I-read tug-o'-war every single time. Hence, the Rewards...

A few notes on the actual List as it appears below:

  • Color coding: Unread books are yellow and orange (alternated just for ease of reading). Green are books in progress (yes, there are currently two -- two is my lower limit and you'll notice one is electronic and the other is a hard copy -- each has its time and place, you see).

  • The "Epidemiology Chapter" is my plan to get through the epidemiology text book that Boss Lady loaned me (three years ago), by classifying it as non-fiction and forcing myself to read a chapter before reading another book from the fiction pile. I think that's doable (if I assign myself the whole book, it'll never happen, so I'm trying to be realistic).

  • About "Twilight". Yes, I know, it's a teeny-bopper book and there has been SO MUCH FREAKIN' HYPE about it, that I almost don't want to read it, but The Husband and I rented the movie last weekend and it actually looks interesting, so I'll get me a copy from the library (hopefully...) and decide for myself.

  • Yes, I know there are holes. I've forgotten some author names and I'm too damn lazy to run to the other end of the house and check and/or look them up on amazon. Sorry. Deal wid it.

  • [EDITED: OK, I couldn't stand it. I had to fill in the holes and add a bunch of the rest.]

Allrighty then. What are y'all reading this summer? What should I add to my list? Suggest away people!



Anonymous said...

For what its worth, I enjoyed three of the Twilight series books. The last one....not so much, but I won't give away spoilers.

Oh! Do enjoy StereoOpticon, Beautiful Death, The Chocolatier's Wife, and Talyn! Those are the ones I've read and can whole heartedly recommend. (And do let us know if there turn out to be any goodies in the ones I haven't! Particularly interested in the other DP books on her as well as Viehl's Omega Games.)

As for recs...Are you strictly a fantasy reader or do you read across genres? And if strictly fantasy, any type of fantasy or you prefer the less contemporary/urban and more rural, kind and country sort of thing? (please forgive me if I'm not being clear, I'm not in the know on sub genres and it's getting to be past my bed time :P )

Bethanie said...

lol! is it frightening that i know exactly what you mean? :)

As for fantasy, I have no specific preferences, really, although I am partial to adventure in pretty much any form. And vampires. In pretty much any form. :D (so i guess eventually reading twilight was sort of inevitable...)

OK, seriously, i have not one clue about subgenres and don't really care what something is called so long as it's a good, well-imagined story in a world far, far away (or right under our noses) where strange and wonderful things are not only possible but commonplace. and dangerous. :)

right. i'm making little sense, i think, and wow! it is PAST my bedtime! hah!

Janet said...

I agree with soleilnoir's first paragraph.

Try The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman or The Gargoyle by Andrew Richardson (that was my fav book last year).

Anonymous said...

GOOD. in that case I have tons of stuff on my own "TBR/TBB" list you'll probably like!

I can recommend Kim Harrison's HOLLOW series books. (First one in the series is "Dead Witch Walking".) I also really enjoyed Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson books (First one is "Moon Called")

I've heard really awesome things about S.J. Day's Marked books (Eve of Destruction, first one in series, just recently was released) and I want it sooooo bad.

On the more "in a world far, far away" variety of Fantasy, I loved most of David Gemmell's books. Specifically the ones focusing on the DRENAI. My Favorites would be "Winter Warriors", "Druss The Legend", and "Waylander".

And ooo Janet, thanks for the recs! I'm going to have to look those up.