28 August 2012


Well, it has been a mighty long time since I posted anything at all to this blog and I am thinking about closing it down permanently (or archiving it, at least...), since most of its content has to do with a chapter of my life that is, itself, in the process of closing down. Having survived divorce (so far), I now find myself stumbling (awkwardly, like an overgrown teenager) into the next (unexpectedly wonderful) adventure. It seems fitting, somehow, that the adventure documented through this blog should have a formal ending.

And so, I suppose, this is it: The End.

But, of course, to badly paraphrase: "the end is only the beginning", "where a door closes, a window opens", etc., etc.

As I fumble forward -- starting new things, starting over, moving on -- and the new adventure begins, a new blog to document it all seems to be in order. So -- stay tuned! I will link here to the new thing, once its plot becomes clearer and I learn how to write the new story.



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Like this: "This is how I see the world. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it ain't. I always try to be honest about it. Mostly 'cuz I'm a really crappy liar"

*sister starshine* said...

stumbled upon your blog today and hope you are still writing. some of the snippets you have written about divorce are very compelling, would enjoy reading more of your thoughts on divorce and being an artist, and how diffuclt it is to have Psychic Space when one is a Wife...also, chemtrails are totally a real thing but don't be scared; is just evidence that They are losing.