28 October 2005

Plot Ninjas

Who knew? Who knew that plot ninjas could sneak up on you 5 days before NaNoWriMo starts and render your original, carefully planned story completely useless in less than 24 hours?

Not me. That's who.

See, I had the whole thing planned out: I wrote the original outline - in July, fershitsake - and very intentionally did not look at it until this week, because I knew that if I did, it would explode and I'd end up with 1,000 terribly interesting characters and 14 very complicated plot lines and the thing would never get written.

But I thought I'd be safe taking a peek this week to re-familiarize myself with the characters and the story. Maybe work out a few plot kinks - what could happen in a week?

A lot. That's what.

Like 1,000 terribly interesting characters and 14 very complicated plot lines... OK, I'm exagerating, but I did go from 2 characters and 1 plot line to 4 characters and three plot lines (each of the two new characters has their own agenda). It's all going to tie together very nicely at the end, but I don't have time to figure out the details.

So I'm ditching it.

Well, not ditching it. I'm incapable of actually throwing anything out, especially if I created it, but it is getting filed. In the filing cabinet. In the dark. Where it belongs for ruining my plan.

Now I have to proceed into the unknown. With No Plan. OK, a little plan. OK, OK! 2 vampires, 2 un-dead lovers, some attitude and No Plot. No Plot!!! Shit!!!!

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