07 August 2007

Deja Eew and Alternative Medicine

So it turns out Sickness #2 was ANOTHER strep infection. Couldn't fucking believe it. But I've just finished my SECOND round of antibiotics in less than a month (slightly different drug, fewer side effects, hallelujah).

Here's hoping it doesn't come back.

Now that antibiotics are over and done with, Boss Lady is pushing the ginseng ("White ginseng, not red. Red too strong for you."). It's supposed to boost your immune system and thus keep the nasty-wasty strep bugs at bay. I'm supposed to take it only for a few weeks, just until my energy levels get back to normal. She even gave me a couple of tea bags to get started and promised me a website where I can buy it online ("Little more expensive, but high quality.").

So I'm all excited - real Chinese medicine! From a real Chinese doctor!

I tried a cup today. It tastes like crap.

Well, not crap, exactly. I'm exaggerating. But it's really... woody. Yanno, like you just went out in your yard, grabbed a random stick and poured hot water over it. Not terribly appetizing.

And, I discovered, if it sits too long, it gets really bitter. Mmmm, bitter sticks....

Oddly though, it also has this weird sweetness that sticks to your lips when you sip it. You don't notice it until the bitter stick flavor starts to fade, then you start thinking about how you're going to have to choke down another swig. You lick your lips in preparation - and there it is! This weird and unexpected reward for sipping sticks in the form of an elusive and quite uncanny sugariness that you can't quite put your finger on.

And then it's gone and it's back to the sticks.

I have to admit, however, that it might actually be doing something. I mean, I'm HERE. And I haven't been here in ages, really.

Wish us luck, y'all. Something's got to work, right?

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