19 November 2007

Well, would ya look at that...

You know that 8,000 words I wanted to crank out between Friday and Sunday - I actually did it!

How? I have no idea - other than sheer bloody mindedness.

I mean, there were distractions galore. Everyone is still sick. The Husband was gone part of Saturday and Sunday. The Mt. Everest of Laundry took over most of the house. Our TV died and we had to buy a new one (according to the TV watchers, anyway - I'd have been fine without it).

So I had every excuse to give up on my lofty goal and settle for the minimum 1,667 each day.

But I didn't, and now I'm back where I'm more used to being during NaNo - a couple days ahead. Not that I won't squander that over Thanksgiving, but hey, that's what a cushion is for, right?

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