21 February 2008


Anybody know anything about Mozy??

Mozy provides a backup service - i.e., they store all your important documents (for a fee, of course) and has just started offering a discount to faculty, staff and students of Fabulous, Private University if we sign up for a 1 or 2 year contract.

I've never heard of them, but it seems like a good deal. I was going to buy an external hard drive and all that jazz, but this seems worlds easier. And cheaper (and cheaper is always good, right?).

Worth it? Anyone know?

Alternatively, does anyone know how to pronounce it?


Anonymous said...

My experience has not been good because I have a very full disk. Same problem experienced by this blogger http://www.justinball.com/2008/02/22/mozycom-and-their-backup-software-is-shit/

Otherwise it works well.

Bethanie said...

Eeep! Glad I'm not trying to run a server and using Mozy to back it up...

So far, I haven't had any issues with it other than not being able to specify the exact files I want to include (which I may be able to and just haven't had the time to figure out...). It took about 2-1/2 days to do the initial backup, which I was afraid was going to fry my laptop because I couldn't turn it off for all that time. Then this morning, I just ran my first backup for a week and it took less than an hour. I've now set it to backup daily, which will hopefully only take a few minutes.

I'm going to give it another few weeks, the do a test recover and see how it goes. If it seems to work and I'm not having performance issues because of the Temp folder stuff, I may go with the paid service. We'll see.

Deba said...

I found your blog via Inkygirl.

I've heard a bit about mozy and have been concerned about how best to back up so I'm giving it a go.