28 February 2008

Project #1: Writing Nook

First, let me apologize for the title of this project. For some inexplicable reason, I despise the word 'nook' (it invariably makes me think of a really annoying real estate agent) and I would not use it to describe this project except that I cannot seem to think of anything better. Gah!

Second, I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. I have my desk and 'my' chair in the living room, but as writing space neither of these really work. The desk usually has work stuff, bills or kid toys all over it. The chair is often buried in laundry, for one thing, and I can see the TV out of the corner of my eye when I sit in it, for another. Plus, I don't have any of my research notes or books within reach there. By far, the biggest problem, however, is that both the desk and the chair are right in the middle of Chaos Central (a.k.a., the living room), and nobody really buys the mommy-isn't-really-here-right-now thing.

I need someplace (relatively) quiet. I need someplace private. I need someplace where I can close the damn door.

In other words, I need an office.

But I'm not going to get one. Not in this house.

In this house the only way I get that kind of peace and quiet is sitting on my bed in my bedroom, which doesn't last very long because I usually end up falling asleep.

The best I can hope for is a Writing Nook, which shall be henceforth known as Project #1.


DESCRIPTION: Create a place to write out of the horrific pile of crap in the corner of my bedroom.



  1. Get rid of uneeded baby changing table. I have somebody who wants this, but she won't need it until April and doesn't have a vehicle capable of moving it. I'm going to try and convince her to take it early and offer to move it for her, if she does.

    1. Uncover baby changing table.
    2. See if LE will take changing table early.
    3. Move the sucker OUT OF MY HOUSE.

  2. Clean out the potential space. As you can see, it's a bit unusable at the moment.
    1. Take old baby clothes to Goodwill.
    2. Give maternity clothes to KV and/or sell on eBay.
    3. Go through out-of-season clothes; put tote in garage.

  3. Rearrange bedroom furniture. Possibly. This may be as simple as moving my bureau (a.k.a. 'chest of drawers' or 'dresser' to you non-New Englanders) to the spot where the changing table was, but ideally, I'd like to be closer to the only window in the room. Not sure that's possible given the size of the room. I'll have to play with graph paper on that one. Another issue will be convincing The Husband that anything needs to change at all. He can be remarkably resistant to change, if the rationale behind it is not sufficiently justified, logically explained and submitted in triplicate, in advance, for his consideration. But have no fear - if I have to, I'll sic his mother on him to get my way.

  4. Acquire furniture and accessories. At a minimum, I'd like to have a couple of bookcases and a place to sit that is not the floor.
    1. Determine needs - consider:
      1. Storage of current projects and how to keep kids out of them
      2. Number of books (these will include: writing reference, To Be Read pile, research pile)
      3. Writing materials (paper, pens, pencils, lap desk, power for laptop) and storage thereof
    2. Determine budget
    3. Purchase items

  5. The fun part - Set everything up!


I think that's it. For now. I'll update/edit this post if/when I think of other aspects of the project and will post progress reports regularly. Or as soon as I've made any actual progress.

Whichever comes first.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Amazing how we let things pile up in our bedrooms, huh?

Bethanie said...


And everywhere else in the house...