11 October 2010

Six Impossible Things

So the brilliantly funny/entertaining posts that are the NaNo forums have already begun. Yaay! One of my favorites is "How 'Impossible' is your Novel?", in which the original poster has challenged WriMo's to name 6 impossible things in their novel.

Naturally, it took me about 5 minutes to come up with mine....

  1. The entire human race abandoned the dying, uninhabitable Earth in huge space ships jetisoned off to each of the known (and hopefully) habitable extra-solar planets.
  2. Faster-than-light-speed space travel!!! :D
  3. The main female character is stronger than any man.
  4. Also, she has fangs.
  5. However, she is NOT a vampire!! 8-D
  6. Her people biologically engineered themselves to survive the nasty not-so-habitable-for-humans planet they ended up on (the fangs are part of that, see? :).

And, yanno, that's just for starters. And before I've even begun writing. And they're even somewhat believible!

Just wait til NaNo actually starts. I'm sure I'll be back with a list of Truly, Outrageously Impossible Things in My Novel....

Ah, NaNo.... how I lurve thee!



Anonymous said...

your six points is worth full,

with regards,
azeez mubarak r

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