05 June 2006

Squirmy Worm

I don't know WHAT it is with this child and my bladder, but she is DETERMINED to mash it with her head as much as possible before birth.

I mean, it's nifty and everything to watch her knees or feet or elbows or whatever move all over my belly, but SHEESH! I'm working under a deadline here. I have until midnight to fix up that chapter for a volunteer reader and I could REALLY do without the (additional) distraction.

Aaaaah! Where are the Depends?!?!


Queen K said...

She's a writer - she's trying to get to the keyboard!!

Bethanie said...

Could be... ya never know... But I still think she's trying her best to escape. First, it was by wearing a hole in the uterine wall up near my rib cage, now she's trying the bash the bladder tack. What DOES this portend??