13 May 2006

13 Lines

OK, so here I am out. Out on a limb.

I cruised by this writer's website last night and, if you join this forum, you can post the first 13 lines of whatever you're working on to see if you can interest anyone into reading the rest of the piece. I was tempted to do it except that what I'm working on (new prologue to novel #1) isn't finished.

However, my exhibitionist tendancies are getting the better of me... So here it is: the first 13 lines of my novel.


Lars let his boots make plenty of noise as he strode down the stone paved hallway. He was a large man, taller by a head than most and built like the trunk of a main mast tree, so there was plenty of bulk to put thunder into every step. The sounds echoed, bouncing to the end of the hall and back again off the grey stone walls of Keep Talistor.

Probably, the noise wouldn’t make any difference. Probably, Fenn was too high from smoking magweed to hear anything of the living world. Probably, the clamor of a whole heard of bailaks charging down the hall wouldn’t be loud enough to wake him from his pipe dreams.

But Lars let his boots clomp and stomp anyway. If he didn’t, it meant he’d given up hope and he couldn’t do that. Not yet. They had one more chance and he meant to make Fenn take it.


Any takers?


Leslie said...

I'll bite, but don't let me have it until June 5th, when the major events and structures of my current life will have fallen away,but I won't yet have anything specific to prepare for. (Read: I'll have graduated and finished student teaching, but most probably won't have a job yet).
Seriously, I'd love to read it - I can absolutely picture Lars as he clomps down the hall, at once worried and frustrated - caring and pissed at the same time. Wanting to help his friend (cousin?), not wanting to wake him, but wanting to throttle him into reality at the same time.

Bethanie said...

Cool! I, um, suppose that means I have to finish it by then... heh-heh... That's fine, actually. Now I have a deadline to motivate my sorry ass!

(And yes, Fenn is Lars' cousin... how did you know that?)

Bethanie said...

"(And yes, Fenn is Lars' cousin... how did you know that?)"

Oh, duh... nevermind... I'm an idiot (it would help if i read my posts...)

Queen K said...

Lars is back - hurrah, hurrah!!!! I have missed him.

Bethanie said...

Yes, Lars is back... I missed him, too... until I started this chapter... He's up to his usual... as usual...