20 March 2007

Grant Hell: Version 1.0 REBOOTED

And you thought we were done with this.

Well, so did I.

In fact, I thought we were done with this until last Thursday when I went into the office to help Boss Lady pack for the Big Move and Accounting Lady dropped by to say: "Oh, um, they can't fix that weird date problem, so you'll have to Totally Redo the submission package".

Totally Redo. As in Start From Scratch. As in Start Over. As in The Dreaded Blue Screen. As in Pardon Me, I Need To Step Outside and Start Screaming.

I shall spare everyone the gory details, but GOOD GRIEF. My vacation, which was supposed to start Saturday, starts today, because the Unpacking from the Big Move and Redoing of the blasted submission package took most of Sunday and Monday (Boss Lady being gone on a cruise and all).

And now I have to keep checking my email for a couple of days to make sure nothing else goes wrong.

Pardon Me, I Need To Step Outside and Start Screaming...

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