20 March 2007

Vampire Pie

So after a very long hiatus of about a year, I've decided it's time to pick up the 2005 NaNo project and edit the sucker (yes, it's a vampire novel and yes, pun intended - ok, you can go retch now).

I've gotten as far as I did the last time - outlining the plot with notecards (although this time I'm using my StoryLines software, not that it will help or anything, but it sure is fun to play with) - and I'm stumped again as to how to proceed. (Which is pretty ironic considering what I do for a living, yanno?)

The problem is that it's Just Damn Hard to see what the story needs, even after letting it sit for a year. I mean, I have whole characters that I'm just not sure should even be there, but I'd hate to cut them, re-write the Whole Damn Book and then discover that they do, indeed, belong in the story and then have re-re-write the Whole Damn Book all over again. That would suck (yeah, vampire, pun, blah-blah-blah).

What, oh, what is Writer Lady to do?

Plunge in, I guess. I think step number one will be to go through the latest version of the manuscript and Cut Ruthlessly. Anything that sucks (pun... oh nevermind) gets the axe. I will also Rearrange With Abandon. I KNOW there are bits and pieces of whole chapters that are just sort of NaNo'd in the middle of other chapters and need to be moved elsewhere.

Then I guess I'll give it a read-through and try to determine what else is missing and go from there. I'll set a reminder and update here in a week.

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.


Queen K said...

Good Luck!! You can do it!!! I'm so excited about this software - maybe the Perpetually Unfinished Mystery Novel will get some more time in the sun. It looks to me, from the screenshots that just inputting all the info about the book may help you to re-evaluate characters and plotlines. I love that you can plug in all the info and then look at it in different ways. Dive in and see what happens - you might be surprised at how clear things become when they are broken down in a new way. I think I'll download that program and get cracking in the next few weeks myself. Maybe I can get at least one story beyond the first few chapters!!

And eventually you should move up here, because my friend Katherine finished her book and is now sending it out. A big factor was the writing group she joined - I think it helped her to focus and keep going. There might be a writing group down your way too, but they'll be better up here ;)

Bethanie said...

Ah, writing groups! I'm wanting to join or start one, but you're probably right, they are probably way better up there. Then again, Andre Norton did used to live not too far down the road from here.

Queen K said...

Yeah - I was just kidding...mostly. :D I'm sure there are some great groups around there. I just had a vision of you going to three groups in a row of people writing CHristian fiction. Ugh

Bethanie said...

*snort* Yeah, that would be my luck... Anyway, I meant to add yesterday that StoryLines is lots of fun - even the trial version, which has some limitations on how many cards and characters you can have. I just hope it helps me figure out what to do with this stupid thing... ;)