28 March 2007

Vampire Pie: Progress Report

So here we are a week (or so) later, as promised, to report on what I accomplished with this editing/re-writing thing on the 2005 NaNo. Here's what I've got:

-The timing of a couple of key events in the beginning were a little sloppy, so I fixed that and tightened things up.

-And promptly discovered that I had fucked up the nether end of a plotline later on. Go me.

-I took a look at the other parts of the story, i.e., The Middle and The End. Both were a stinking mess. I decided to work on fixing The End because a) it was a slightly smaller mess (due to the fact that it is infested with plot holes the size of Texas) and b) I figured it would be easier to fix The Middle if I knew where the bloody hell the story was headed.

-I discovered that I have no idea what to do with The Middle. The plot lines are not so much tangled as ... well, frayed. Badly.

-I discovered that a good way to keep myself from line editing, which the story is decidedly not ready for at this point, is to print out a hard copy with 6 sheets per page. It looks like this:

Yeah, that's one regular sized piece of paper with 6 pages printed on it in, like, 3 pt font size. I almost can't read it. Which, actually is the point. I don't want to get bogged down in fixing the writing (yet), when the immediate problems are structural. It's actually working quite well.

-I had an epiphany about one of the plot holes in The End and filled it! In English, that means I fixed a major WTF? plot problem. Go me. Now, if only the other plot holes would be so cooperative.

That's about it. I thought, actually, that I would be able to do more, having been on vacation all last week, but no. Ms Baby had no interest in sleeping most nights last week, so the creative part of my brain also went on vacation (to, like, Mars or something). Anyways, it's a start.

More in a week. Perhaps. If I feel like it. And have actually done a damn thing.

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