17 September 2008

Oh, Brilliant

Gas prices are shooting for the moon.

Wall Street is crumbling into the sea.

A hurricane has scoured whole towns off the map

My freakin' mortgage company appears to be next.

It's just rumors at this point, but um... just what are you supposed to DO if the bank holding your mortgage does the dead fish routine??

Do I keep paying them if they've filed for Chapter 11? Am I allowed to get irritated if they get bought out by somebody?

Probably not, but it would be - literally - the FIFTH time my mortgage has been handed off to somebody else since we bought the house two years ago. I was just getting used to them! After they held onto to the note for a whole year, I finally broke down and got set up to pay them online. I actually trusted them that much!

And they repay me like this?

Great. Fabulous.



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