25 September 2008

Start the Countdown, Ensign...

Tomorrow is Doomsday.... er.... I mean, Grant Submission Day. Yeah... um, same thing.


I've been at it since 6 AM this morning and now we're approaching 11 PM and, even though I shockingly only had ONE coffee this morning, I am SO AMPED, I can already tell that I'm never going to get to sleep in time to get any kind of rest before the alarm goes off at 5 AM Friday and the race to beat the FedEx guy starts....

I'd use this time to do some fun fiction writing, but I've been typing for, like, 16 hours straight and my damn hands are about to fall off....

I suppose it's not helping matters I'm listening to death metal....

*collapses on floor in fits of giggles*

Yeah. It's that fun.

Don't you wish you could do this for a living, too?

OK, I'm off to bed now. Really.

*more giggles*


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