11 February 2009


(This one's a rambler, guys, sorry. This is what happens to Bethanie when she is subjected to all work and no play...)

I've been meaning to post about ebooks - at length - forever. Of course, my life is such a vortex of unending activity, I have yet to really get around to it.

And since I'm in the middle of cooking supper, I don't really have time now either, but I must put in a plug, because I'm so... oh, I don't know, giddy, I guess, over my latest discovery/acquisition/experience. :-D

Here's the story: I've had a Palm OS PDA for years and years and years. I've upgraded from a Handspring to a color Handspring to a Tungsten E and - finally, a year or so ago - to a Treo. I love them - love them, love them, love them. I mean, I'm practically evangelical about them. Really. Don't get me started on how great they are unless you have 30 or 40 minutes for me to show you mine and all the wicked nifty things it can do.

Including my all-time favorite feature ever, an ebook reader.

Actually, I now have 2 ebook readers on the ol' Treo. One came from a company that started out as Peanut Press (or something like that) back in my Handspring days, which evolved into eReader.com, which is now some arm of Fictionwise, I believe.

And I like it. It works great, has never crashed on me and I have something like 60 or so ebooks that take up NO space in my house and that my children cannot destroy.

However, for the last couple of years, I keep seeing Mobipocket everywhere. I finally broke down today and downloaded it (it's free, but I dislike having two gadgets that do the same thing, so I resisted -- this is the same reason I haven't yet bought a Kindle... although the Kindle 2 is seriously tempting me -- the thing reads to you!). Why now? Well, because I really, really, really wanted a copy of Angelle Trieste's Devil Falls and since I didn't win the contest but was totally hooked by the excerpt posted as part of the contest, I said, "OK, fine. It's time."

So I downloaded Mobipocket, bought the ebook, downloaded it, loaded it on the Treo, and now here I am all ready to read! No muss, no fuss - no gas used up driving to the bookstore, no useless little bag I can't use for anything else, no paper receipt I have to stress over where to store, instant gratification, no worries over what to do with a book I end up not liking, etc.

I am pleased. :)

The moral, or rather morals, of this long and rambling tale of mine:

1. ebooks are freakin' COOL and are just getting cooler.

2. Writers, especially new ones trying to break in to the biz, listen up: Contests work! Posting excerpts works! Posting a link to where I can buy your ebook works great!

3. I want more.

4. Yaaay, ebooks!!!

5. I think that is all. For now.



Miss Crabby Pants said...

Oh hey! My Hanukkah present this year was a Kindle - it wasn't ready then and so I automatically get the K2 - sometime this month. I'm so excited. Not sure how non-Amazon e-books will work if they're not PDF, but I'm willin' to find out. Soooo excited!

Bethanie said...

Aaaaaah! I am green - GREEN! - with envy!!! My girlfriend at work here and I have been SALIVATING over Kindles since they first came out and just yesterday had a discussion about how cool the Kindle 2 is -- it can READ TO YOU!!!! How utterly awesome is that??!??!!!

You must report on it once you get it -- and it IS supposed to be able to read other formats, at least according to the comments on the NPR story here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=100584020