07 February 2009

Where, Oh Where, Did Bethanie Go?

OK, it's been a scandalouly long time since I've posted ANYTHING here... terrible!

I have excuses - dozens, in fact - but I'm sick of dealing with them to the point of not wanting to re-hash them here, even if it means missing out on bitching about something. :D

Anyway, I've been working on some posts that are scheduled for next weekend for Joely's Character Clinic, and it's been interesting - and educational - picking apart why I like certain characters so much. There are some striking similarities, especially when it comes to male characters, heh-heh... :)

When it comes to my OWN characters, however, the brain gets all shy and tongue-tied and won't cough up anything. Weird. I suspect this stems from my rather vast insecurities about my own writing -- it seems presumptuous, at the very least, to expound on what makes my own characters so great and/or what clever tricks I use to add depth to them and make them memorable, when not only have I published no fiction whatsoever, I haven't even ever submitted anything, and rarely let anyone read what I've written.

In other words, I'm chicken shit.

Which is not something I will put up with from myself.


So I guess that means I will be forcing myself to write at least one post about my own characters.

But I think I'll save it for last, heh-heh...



Anonymous said...

GLORIOUS- I didn't even have to pull out my puppy dog eyes. :D Can't wait to read your thoughts Bethanie!

Bethanie said...

Ditto, soleil! But it's gonna take some doing to get myself to write about my own stuff... yoiks!