23 February 2009

Stupid People

OK, I can tell from the way my face is breaking out that I am PMS-ing and it is, therefore, entirely possible that I am not being completely rational.

That out of the way: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!???!!!!!!!!

Honestly. All I want to do is set up my freelance editing business and edit stuff that I want to edit. Is that so hard?

It seems to be.

Here's the sordid story: I'm trying to set up a contract with a company in a non-English speaking country and can't seem to get them to understand that while, yes, I have a degree in a certain social science, I do not really consider myself qualified to edit in that field because I have done nothing in it for the last FOURTEEN YEARS.

Meanwhile, I have oodles and oodles of experience editing in certain areas of biomedical research, areas in which I have undertaken a great deal of training, formal and informal, but which apparently - because I have no piece of paper to declare me competent in that area - counts for nothing.

This is stupid.

OK, OK, I can see that they might want a person with a "hard science" degree editing hard science stuff. That makes sense. To a point. Then it gets stupid.

Because if you have at your disposal a person who is a good editor in a certain area, what difference does their level of formal training make? I assert that it doesn't make much. I may be a bit more cautious when changing certain things than a person with a hard science degree. I may query authors a bit more than someone with a hard science degree. But I'm a damn good editor and I will make the language you use to report your science all shiny and appealing to journal editors. That's what I do.

Furthermore, I really have nothing by a passing interest in my undergrad degree field. I'm sorta just over it.

Which puts me in quandry: What do I do? What do I tell these people?

I've tried already to explain my position, but they aren't listening. My option is to edit in this other field -- the one I've been out of for 14 years -- or... nothing. No contract. No money. No nice little start-up client for my fledgling freelance biz.

Which sucks.


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