20 April 2009

Cake Wrecks

So a friend at work sent me a link to this blog and it's so damn amusing, I added it to my list of Distractions & Addictions. It's called Cake Wrecks and it's all about... well, let's just say the title is self explanatory...

It's been a great stress reliever over the past few weeks of family, family, wedding, school, work, family, family, OMG-more-family. In a word (or two) it's fucking hysterical. You must check it out! 'Cuz I said so!

Back to searching the archives for the Pepto-Bismal Barbie cake I made for Ms. Six when she turned Ms. Four (or was it Ms. Three...). Heh. No, seriously. Anyway, enjoy y'all!



Anonymous said...

WOW, that's something else! LOL... I'm guessing you like to watch "The Food Network" -- or is it just for the hell of it?

*G*Since we're sharing, here's one I got from a friend on LJ:



Bethanie said...

Hah! That link is hysterical! :D

Actually, I never watch TV. I don't have time anymore and they (yanno, the Big Bad They?) tend to cancel every show I like. So no - no Food Network. :( I just like to cook and make horrid cakes! :D

Anonymous said...

I aspire to making cake sometime... my bf has hinted to me he'd love a carrot cake (the man's addicted to carrots, I swear*G*)