17 April 2009

John Lawson's Witch Ember

I did it. I had to. I couldn't stand it anymore.

John Lawson's Witch Ember just sounds too awesome, and it finally popped up used on Amazon at a price I could afford, so I raided the emergency funds (books are an emergency, yes?) and ordered it. So there.

And so what if I won't have time to read it until after my effing A&P class comes to its gruesome and excruciating end in May. And so what if my freelance workload is scheduled to pick up right about then. And so what if my stack of Absolutely-Positively-Must-Read-This-Summer books is already taller than I am. So what!

Witch Ember goes to the top of the stack as soon as it arrives, and if it's here, it gets cracked open the minute I'm done taking my final on May 4th. So there!



soleilnoir said...

Books are SO an emergency and don't let anyone tell you different. Enjoy, and do let us know what you think when you finish in May *g*. Should make for a nice reward to a gruesome course.

Bethanie said...

It's shipped!!! It's shipped!!! *giddily hops up and down and claps hands* Oh, goody, goody, goody.... !!!