30 April 2009

Summer Break

I know. It's still spring. But my final exam is Monday, which means summer starts for me as soon as I hit "Submit Quiz", get the news, and calculate my final grade. :D

And I am So Fucking Sick of cramming my brain full of stuff I have to know, that I have actually formulated a plan to spend all summer cramming it full of stuff I want to know just 'cuz.

Specifically, I am talking about Bethanie's Fantastic Summer Reading List. Yaay for summers!! Yaay for reading!!

I plan to post The Official List here and check in with it and check things off and comment and review and contemplate and theorize and otherwise generally wallow shamelessly in my neglected and now-towering TBR pile. So. Be looking for the Fantastic List sometime next week and feel free to suggest any Must Reads on your Fantastic Summer (or Other) Reading List in the meantime (since I just know you're sitting there on the edge of your seat with nothing better to do...).

And we now return you to your regularly scheduled griping about how studying for a final sucks and what the HELL was Bethanie THINKING when she decided to go back to school in the midst of a full-time job, 2 kids, a freelance business....



Anonymous said...

Would be interested in seeing what books you have in your TBR list. ...One can never have too many recommendations!

Bethanie said...

Never ever! No such thing as too many! :D