24 August 2006

Missing The Obvious

(or: Doh!)

I hate when I'm struggling with some piece of writing, and I'm hemming and hawing and dilly-dallying, instead of actually writing, because I KNOW something's "wrong" with whatever it is, but I can't quite figure it out so the chapter or story or whatever is going nowhere fast and then suddenly I SEE it and it turns out the answer has been there all along - as in, had I bothered to READ my own writing, I would have seen all the clues to where the chapter or story or whatever was "supposed" to be going and saved myself a butt-load of beating my head against the wall, false-starts, procrastinatory activities and a whole slew of Angry Letters to my characters, muse, and assorted other scapegoats, not to mention TIME. Sheesh.

(God, I love run-on sentences.)

1 comment:

Queen K said...

Go easy on yourself, sis! This is what makes writing work...seriously. EVERY writer does that stuff and the ones that don't are the ones who work from set outlines - and you can TELL they work from outlines. I know it's frustrating - I've been there - but take a deep breath, stop beating yourself up and go with the flow.

Okay - and scream occassionally (quietly if the baby is sleeping) cause it IS damn frustrating work sometimes!