23 August 2006


My belly button went back to being an inny today.

Ms. Baby has gained over a pound since we left the hospital two weeks ago. (I make milk. What's your superpower?)

I've lost 20 pounds since Ms. Baby was born. (Only 25 more to go. Heh. Ugh.)

Chapter 2 of the novel is actually being written. By my very own brain.

I can drive my car myself (since I fit behind the steering wheel again).

I can bend over and reach my toes.

I wear a C cup. Woo-hoo! Life is good!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Go you! *cheering*
Any "Nice rack!" comments yet? Wolf whistles?

PS- I mis-typed in my previously attempted post. My brain is total mush.

Bethanie said...

No comments or wolf whistles in response to the rack. Yet. I think I may need to lose the remaining baby belly before the rack becomes impressive enough for colorful commentary. (I'm trying not to be impatient about it. Heh, heh, heh...)