12 December 2006


So today, to get out of the house before I went bonkers trying to appease Ms. Baby, who has decided - after 6 days - that Monsieur Helmet is not so much fun after all and spent the day whimpering pathetically and making big eyes at me (she's smart for 4 months old, lemmetellya), then refusing to nurse unless I removed Monsieur Helmet from...

Where the hell was I?

Oh, right. Getting out of the house.

So today, to get out of the house, Ms. Baby and I made An Expedition to the nearest bookstore in search of a cookbook.

I was fairly certain that this particular cookbook would be easily located, since it's by a popular cookbook author and was published fairly recently. Not only that, but I was headed to a Large, Chain Bookstore, whose selection - I assumed - would far outpace any locally owned bookstore's selection.

Guess what. Not. There.

As in, they didn't fucking have it. As in, I packed Ms. Baby, Monsieur Helmet et al., into the car with all her paraphernalia in the rain and they didn't fucking have it.

Now, I ask you, what GOOD is it being a Large, Chain Bookstore if your selection SUCKS?

I mean, what is the POINT? Don't Large, Chain Bookstores EXIST to dazzle us with their amazing selection and bamboozle us with their incredible size so that we can't even remember the whereabouts of the Poor, Locally-Owned Bookstore that we used to go to?

So disgusted was I that, out of pure spite, I would have marched off to a Poor, Locally-Owned Bookstore and ordered my damn cookbook even if they didn't have it on the shelf. However and most unfortunately, the Large, (Crappy) Chain Bookstore that didn't have my cookbook is the only bookstore at all within reasonable driving distance. Probably because they drove all the Poor, Locally-Owned Bookstores out of business years ago. Bastards.

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