03 December 2006

The Shiny Lining

There always is one, isn't there? Even inside the darkest of clouds.

The shiny lining inside the dark cloud of last evening's loss of wordage came in the form of a plot bunny that jumped me during Ms. Baby's 5AM feeding. (Why a plot bunny at 5AM? I don't know. You'd have to ask Dorothy (the muse). That's when she tends to pop in for her little chats.)

Where was I... Oh yes, dear Dotty showed up to tell me that I had that scene all wrong, so it didn't much matter that it went up in cyber-smoke, since I would have had to rewrite it all anyway. Which I did. This morning. When I should have been folding laundry. (Which was fine, really, because who the hell wants to fold laundry?)

Anyways. I'm back to where I was last night. And I triple-frikkin'-checked that I had the right file this time.

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