05 December 2006

I Make Milk. What's Your Superpower?

I have two things to say about the following news report:

Breastmilk Likely Saved Girls Lives in Frozen Wilderness, Experts Say

Number 1: I hope they find the girls' daddy soon and alive.

Number 2: Go, boobs.

I'm gonna re-read this story every time I get sick of breastfeeding from now until Ms. Baby decides she's done. No matter how sick of it I get. If she's done at 1 year, fine. If she hangs on and hangs on until she's almost 3 like her big sister, fine.

1 comment:

Bethanie said...

The sad conclusion to this story is that the daddy didn't make it back to his girls, which breaks my heart. It just hits too close to home, since his girls are almost exactly the same ages as my girls. How hard it must be to have to explain to a 4-year-old... I don't envy their mama.

And then we find out that the family would never have become stranded on that road in the first place if a vandal hadn't cut the lock on the gate that should have closed the road for the season.

The worst part is that they'll probably never find the bastards who cut the lock. But you know what? Whoever cut it will know they did it. They'll know.