27 May 2007

Cardamom Kebabs

So. You'll recall the Roadkill Turkey Breast. (How could you forget, right?)

Well, that night we only ate half the meat from the Unfortunate Beastie. Tonight, we ate the rest. On sticks. With cardamom!

No, really, it was great. So great, I must share the recipe (and record it for next time -- next time I have turkey, sheesh...).

Here 'tiz:


  • a bunch of cardamom seeds (how many is up to you - how many do you feel like unpeeling? yes, you have to use the real stuff that comes in a pod. that pre-ground junk is worse than useless)
  • a sprinkling of fenugreek (i'm not really sure if these are seeds or what)
  • a smaller sprinkling of mustard seeds
  • a couple of bay leaves, crumpled
  • a few good splooshes of olive oil
  • a splash or three of some kind of vinegar
  • a wee bit o' soy sauce
  • Meat, tofu or other marinade-friendly munchie (no, it doesn't have to be roadkill)

  • Take the first three ingredients and grind them into powder with a mortar and pestle. Yes, really. OK, OK, use a spice grinder if are so lucky as to own one (and you're, um, kinda lazy).
  • Put the powder into a medium-sized bowl, add the crumpled bay leaves (yes, you have to crumple them yourself, they don't come this way).
  • Dump in everything else and give it a good stir.
  • Chop up the meat, tofu or other into kebab-able chunks, toss chunks into the bowl with the other stuff and, um, toss (heh... OK, stir well, mix until covered, something like that - you get the picture).
  • Let sit for however long you've got - several hours, a day, at least 20 minutes, I would say.
  • Skewer the chunks o' whatever (preferably without skewering yourself like I did - it bled and everything, quite traumatic), alternating with chunks of your favorite veg (I used zucchini, onions and roma tomatoes).
  • Give the skewered chunks to the grill person in your household (I'm not allowed near the grill in our household as things tend to ignite rather frequently when I'm in charge) and sweetly request that the grill person grill the skewers.
  • Set the table, pour the wine and enjoy!

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