29 May 2007

Grant Hell Goes Greek

Right, so a few months back, you'll recall that Grant Hell went digital, which didn't really help much and quite possibly made things much worse (at least, for me).

Naturally, I should have been really happy with that, because you know what happens when you wish for stuff and you're not careful? Yeah. You end up with Coeus.

What the bloody, freaking hell is Coeus? Well, well, well, funny you should ask. Do let me explain.

Coeus, in Greek mythology, was the Titan of Intelligence. Some witty individual (at MIT, which might explain a few things) thought it would be a cute name for a database. No joke. Consequently, Coeus, in grant-hell-ology, is the Titan of database-based grant submissions.

Now, I love databases. I do. I really, really do. But not when they're smarter than I am and not when they're so complicated that 3 days of training barely gets you off the ground.

I mean, it's really great, it is, and it's going to be really, really cool in about 6 months when all the people in my department (including me) finally figure out what the FUCK we're supposed to be doing with it to get a grant submitted in one piece.

Until then, I shall complain, and loudly.

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