15 July 2008

Attempting to Catch My Coincidences

Well, it's about time for a post, non?

OK, it's past time - kids are sick, work is nutso, etc.

And coincidences are coming out of the woodwork.

Event 1: Best college girl friend sent me a birthday card last week and we started emailing (after an embarassingly long hiatus). Turns out she's ended up doing much the same thing as I am -- editing for non-native English speakers (although she's in economics whoo-haa, rather than biomedical whoo-haa).

Event 2: Not so much an event as the general atmosphere of disorganized bureaucratic clutter at FPU lately has been approaching the itchy side of intolerable. I'm getting fairly burnt out on it.

Event 3: One task set out for the Impending Vacation is to write up the content for my freelance website. I did some of that today, since I was stuck at home mopping up vomit (again) and therefore found it difficult to concentrate on actual work stuff and decided: what the hell, I'll just take an effing sick day.

Event 4: Into my email inbox drops a reminder that if I want to attend the local chapter meeting of the medical writer/editor professional association I belong to, the deadline is Friday. One of the workshops they're offering is 'Business Aspects of a Freelance Career'.


I get the feeling the universe is trying to tell me something. :D



Janet said...

I love it when the universe tries to tell me something; sometimes I listen, sometimes I bury my head in the sand.

Miss Crabby Pants said...

Dude - I'm glad you posted - I was beginning to feel like a stalker every time I stopped by. And my sympathy on the sick kids - nothing is worse.

Here's another universe thing for you, coming all the way from Cali -
I'm going over to a friend's house on Saturday. Guess what she does for a living? Freelance medical editing. A few short years ago she left a company where she was editing medical stuff and set out on her own so she could have more control over the whole of her life.

Just like you're going to do soon!

Bethanie said...

Janet - I love it too, even though sometimes, like this time, it really scares the pants off me. I'm feelin' like a deer in headlights at the moment...

Ms CP - Now THAT is freaky - FREAKY, I tell ya!! You'll have to ask whether she's a member of AMWA. I'll bet she is! Tell her to look me up in Louisville at AMWA's annual conference, if she's going in October...

And with that, Event 5, I think I shall stop balancing on the fence and send in my registration to the chapter conference TODAY!


Take THAT, Universe!