17 July 2008

It's All About Timing

Poor Ms. Six is still sick, still puking, and still hasn't eaten anything since Tuesday.

Ms. Baby, not surprising given her general take on life, has picked TODAY to rekindle her interest in potty training.

So my morning has gone something like this:

"Mama?!" calls a querelous voice from the couch. "My tummy doesn't feel good."

This is the signal. I abandon the work-work I'm trying to do and dash over, grab the bowl and assume the position (holding the bowl before a crouching Ms. Six whilst attempting to keep her hair out if it).

Ms. Six starts dry heaving (nothing in there to come up really).

Ms. Baby, who in the meantime has hauled her potty out into the living room, decides this would be the perfect time to come show everybody that she has managed to remove her shorts and diaper all by herself so she can practice potty-sitting. As a bonus, she pulls up her shirt to show off her belly button.

So there I am, torn - do I congratulate and encourage the budding potty-user or do I soothe and reassure the poor, puking Ms. Six.

Tough decision. I went with a cursory 'that's very nice' to Ms. Baby's belly button and then turned back to Ms. Six, since it was hard to make myself heard over the heaving anyway.

I know. You didn't really wanna know that.

Neither did I, actually.



Miss Crabby Pants said...

There's so much of parenting I didn't really want to know... But it does get better. I took eldest Crab to the doctor the other day (he's 12) and I was asked about his bowel movements - were they normal? I had to laugh with joy when I realized that I had no freaking idea and haven't had one for several years.

Bethanie said...

Oh, I cannot even tell you how anxiously I wait for that day... :-D

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, hugs, I've soooo been there before, too! At least Ms. Baby hadn't pooped in that diaper she took off and then started fingerpainting on the wall... I hope everyone's feeling better!