18 October 2008

Finger on the Button

The plotting of NaNo 2008 has been plodding at a snail's pace this week due to some sort of creeping crud that has been working its way through the family -- so I'm not nearly as far along as I think I should be.

However, everyone finally has a name (Thank You, Viking Answer Lady!) - Mystery Girl very nearly got axed for not ante-ing up (and she's still waffling about the spelling, but whatever). And everyone finally started piping up about what the hell happens in The Middle Of The Story after I threatened to axe everybody and use the outline from 2005, which was completed but never got used because the vampires showed up at the last minute.

Interestingly enough, most of the Middle-Of-The-Story progress was made in a frantic, long-hand, 20 minute period sitting backwards in the driver's seat of my car -- NO, not while I was driving, while I was waiting to pick up Ms. Six after school yesterday. I told Bran and Mystery Girl (she doesn't get to use her name until she tells me how to spell it) they had until the bus arrived back from the field trip to tell me what happens or else.

Lemmetellya, there is nothing like a deadline to make characters start squawking. It's like poising your finger over the button that will deliver an electric shock. Or - more appropriate for my fantasy world - holding their feet over a bed of red hot coals ... or threating to pull out their fingernails ... or ...

Poor Bran... no wonder he didn't want to tell me what happens...


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