23 October 2008

Wine Bottle. No Corkscrew.

I've been meaning to get another Swiss Army knife, one with a corkscrew, because when I got my first one I thought, "Oh, I'll get the one with the screwdriver - I'd probably never use a corkscrew." Since that time I have, naturally, had many an occasion to regret that decision and this evening was no exception.

After the day's workshops and keynote addresses, etc, I ventured out from my hotel to wander the very interesting streets of Louisville and, among other items, found a bottle of my favorite wine. Woo-hoo! I thought and headed back to the hotel, thoroughly pleased with myself.

Until I discovered I had no corkscrew. Duh.

That should have occurred to me when I bought the wine, but yanno - a day spent contemplating coronary heart disease in women and how to report correlation and regression analyses can fry the thinker somewhat.

So I googled "no corkscrew", which turned up this: How To Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew, which suggested banging the bottom of the bottle against a tree. Alas, no tree in the hotel room.

So I went down to one of the expensive little boutique-y shops off the hotel lobby to see if I could buy one. And I could have! But they were all out.

I decided to give up. The Husband - from 150 miles away - came to the rescue and proved, once again, how resourceful and handy he is.

"Call room service," he said. "They'll bring you one."

"Oh. Right. OK," I said, baffled at the very idea of putting someone to the trouble of bringing something so inconsequential all the way up to the 10th floor.

The room service people were only too happy to do it, though, so now I am sipping my wine, feet up, laptop in place. Yahoo!



Janet said...

lol that would've been my first idea...room service ROCKS!!!

Bethanie said...

And I am SO my mother not wanting to put anyone to any trouble even if I AM paying 120 bucks a night... :-o

Arthaey Angosii said...

Let me recommend one way how to not open a wine bottle with no corkscrew. Glad you got yours open with less mayhem. :)