31 October 2008

Waiting Impatiently

NaNo starts in 28 minutes. I am trying to be patient about it. I am not very good at patient.

So I'm trying to distract myself and happened to notice Google's word of the day today is 'gloaming', one of my all-time favorite words ever.

In part, I really like it because it's one of those words with really, really deep English/Germanic roots. No, no Latin-ness here, thank you very much, this one goes straight back to Old English and the time of Beowulf.

I also like it because of the images in evokes in the old brain - low clouds mob a purple streak of twilight on the horizon, something in an alley waits, full dark is coming soon.... sort of the same feel as the first scene of this year's NaNo!

Oh, great... here we are again... waiting...



1 comment:

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I love "in the gloaming" too. Takes me to a very happy place.

Go, go, go! Hope you got some nice wordage tonight!