04 January 2009

Aw, Crap....

Or: NaNo - I Hate It When That Happens

I just realized I took a bit of a wrong turn in my final climax/battle-to-the-death scene. A wrong turn that is going to cost me 1200 words that I spent the last, like, 3 or 4 days writing. Yeah. 1200 words totally wasted.

God damn it, but that SUCKS.

I think I'll go do something fun now. Like laundry or swabbing the kitchen.




Anonymous said...

Cutting 1200 words? Painful. Sorry Bethanie, that really does suck.

Bethanie said...

Thanks, Soleil... it could be worse, though - it could have been 12,000 words, right? :) Which I realized about 1/2 way through the kitchen... ah, well. At least it's clean now. :-D