01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I think I failed to complete even one of my 2008 goals, which is both depressing and surprising. I really thought they were good, achievable goals. Apparently not.

And now that I look back at them, I get the sense that they aren't as concrete as I thought they were when I made them. I mean, I said things like "complete and submit one short story", which is good as far as it goes, but still vague. WHICH stort story? Submit WHERE? Another goal was to complete an edit of either NaNo 2005 or NaNo 2006 - WHICH ONE? I needed to be that specific.

I also didn't set deadlines. I now see that as a real weakness in my plan. Deadlines get my ass in gear. Without them, I don't do much.

That in mind, this year I have made an effort to be really, really, really freakin' specific.

1. Complete the kestlebird story. A kestlebird is a mythical creature in my fantasy universe and I have had a bunch of ideas kicking around and one story started. But not completed. I will complete it this year. DEADLINE: Hmmmm.... let's say March 31st.

2. Get back on track with my writing course. It's Holly Lisle's Think Sideways course and it's fabulous and I'm weeks behind now, even though I'm doing the every-other-week option instead of the every-week option. I need to get back on track with it ASAP, because I'm starting an online anatomy and physiology class January 15th... ack! I can handle both. I think. But only if I get back on track, hence - DEADLINE: January 31, 2009.

3. One complete edit of NaNo 2008. There is a LOT to do on this one. First, I have to complete the first rough draft. The deadline for that is January 12, because my class starts on the 15th and I don't want to be trying to write a thousand words a day while also trying to spend 8 hours a week doing actual classwork. So that is Goal 3a. Goal 3b is to read through the draft and take notes on what to add, what to rewrite, new scenes needed, etc. The Goal 3b deadline is April 30th (I was going to say the 15th, but that's Tax Day, isn't it? Yeah. How 'bout I don't set myself up for failure there, eh?). Goal 3c is to take the notes from the read through and incorporate them chapter by chapter. I honestly have no idea how long that will actually take, but I'll set a deadline of September 3o, 2009, since I'll want to start planning for NaNo 2009 October 1 and will likely get very little else done after that.

OK, I'm going to stop there. That's probably as much as I can handle, so anything I would add (and I have a long list of things I could add) would be pointless.

Good luck to everyone with their goals!


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