03 January 2009

NaNo 2008 – The Final Stretch (I MEAN It!)

OK, I have swallowed my horror at not finishing the story in December and set a new goal of 85K words to reach the hallowed ground know as “The End”. That will add a little over 5000 new words. Which should be PLENTY, dammit.

I’ve got a pretty tight deadline for this – January 12th. That’s when my online Anatomy & Physiology class starts, and since I’ve been out of college for a shocking 14 years (*faints*), I think it’s going to take some adjustment to get used to that kind of brain activity and I doubt I’ll be up for writing much (at least, for a few weeks).

Anyway, if I reach The End before the 85K mark, I’ll go back and work on some of the new scenes I’ll have to add when I edit.

If I’m still not to The End at 85K, I’m just gonna throw a big, fat hissy fit.


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