16 January 2009

Need Directions To The Nearest Plank...

...so I can walk off it, 'cuz I could really use a dip in the drink today.

It's been a helluva week. It started with a list of 5 papers to edit, submit and/or do something! with (as-soon-as-possible, thank-you-please), which soon grew to 7, then 8, then 10, which is as many as I normally deal with in a month.

Add to that another massive data entry project (which apparently counts as editing, don't ask me why...) and -- drum roll, please! -- a page proof! I knew it! I just knew there would be a page proof this week, since I'm insanely busy. There's always a page proof when I'm insanely busy. Never on a slow week. What fun would that be, anyway?

And then, there are the pirates.

I got frustrated with them for going full-blown novel on me, when all I wanted was a short story, so I fussed, pouted, and was generally very grumpy until they agreed to tone it down. And then I tried to cram them into a 500-word flash piece.

That sorta worked, because I actually FINISHED something for once. But I'm not sure it works as flash, and I'm thinking I'm going to rewrite it in short story form, but based on the flash storyline... if that makes any sense at all...

Probably not. But whatever.


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